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Al (III) Coated Wire Selective Electrode Based on 5-Bromo (salicylidene-2-aminothiophenol) Schiff Base as a New Ionophore

Abstract A new Al (III) selective membrane based on 5-bromo (salicylidene-2-amino
thiophenol) as a neutral carrier in a poly (vinyl chloride)(PVC) matrix is coated on platinum
wire to determine trace amounts of Al (III) ion in various samples. The sensor exhibits a good
response for Al (III) ion over a wide concentration range of 5.20× 10-7 to 1.00× 10-2 M with
Nernstian slope of 19.64±0.15 mV decade-1 and low detection limit of 5.01× 10-7 M. The
performance of the sensor is best in the pH range of 4.00-6.50 without any divergence in....

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