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Experimental and theoretical spectroscopic study and structural determination of nickel (II) tridentate Schiff base complexes

Abstract Some new complexes of [NiL (PR 3)](where L=(E)-1-[(2-amino-5-nitrophenyl) iminio-
methyl] naphthalene-2-olate (L 1),(E)-1-[(2-hydroxiphenyl) iminio-methyl] naphthalene-2-
olate (L 2), R= Bu and Ph) containing tridentate ONN and ONO Schiff bases were
synthesized and characterized by IR, UV–Vis, 1 H-NMR spectroscopy and elemental
analysis. The geometry of [NiL 1 (PBu 3)] and [NiL 2 (PBu 3)] complexes were determined by
X-ray crystallography. It was indicated that the complexes have a square planar structure ...
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